May 2021

Clinic Hub

Brand Identity
Brochure Design
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Glen D'Cruz

Clinic Hub

Melbourne, Australia
brand strategy

The Clinic Hub is an allied health business incubator and facility provider that provides premium clinical spaces for allied health professionals looking to get started or grow their business.

Brand Definition

The Clinic Hub is to be visualised as a premium offering to allied health professionals.

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The main objective of The Clinic Hub is growth. Initially multiple sites across Melbourne then Sydney and Brisbane.


Beyond the consistent occupation of tenants, the success will be defined by social feedback and the expansion of sites.


If there was a focus/priority on the business name of CLINIC HUB, the order of focus would be:

Primary: HUB

Secondary: CLINIC

If the weighting/focus of importance could be visualised with fonts it would look like this:



Needs to align with the medical industry which tend to be blue, teal, aquamarine, turquoise, white. In general, a clean and fresh colour scheme is ideal.

It should be noted that the space itself will be more in keeping with natural textures (wood, leather, foliage, concrete) so it might be visually best to align the brand with the interior feel of the premises.

Concept Generation
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Final Design
The Logo Symbol


The logo symbol is structured around an isometric projection of a rectangular block that represents the rooms available for hire for the allied health practitioners.


Having multiple room shapes connected together is directly symbolic of a ‘HUB’. It is also draws direct parallels to all the rooms available at the CLINIC HUB


The positioned shapes create entry indents which represent clients and patients entering the CLINIC HUB as well as reinforce the idea of a HUB

Colour Palette

A fresh and vibrant colour palette that reflects a connection to the health industry has been adopted to align with the colour direction formulated in the brief.

Location Specific

When new locations are developed, there will be a need to use a location-specific mark for signage, merchandise, and marketing.

Special care must be given to typography and spacing in order to remain consistent across the brand.

Location-specific marks may not be used on brand-level packaging and stationery. No other version of the lock-up may be combined with a location typeset.

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