June 2021

Geothermal Infographic

Infographic Illustration
Poster Design
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Alistair Brookes, Abbie Dean


Auckland, New Zealand
brand strategy

Display the awesome impact geothermal direct use projects could have in the Caribbean.

Why geothermal and why direct use.


The Caribbean Islands we’re focusing on are those which are members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). This is a long chain of volcanic islands with varying degrees of geothermal potential.

Target Audience
  • Caribbean government representatives
  • Caribbean locals, business owners etc.
  • International funders (i.e. World Bank etc.
  • General non-geothermal/science/engineer humans who don’t really know the potential benefits of it.
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Design Brief
Key Points & Insights

It needs to have a Caribbean feel. This means, lush greenery, hilly, unordered (so no tidy grid streets etc.), rough edges. Representation of what geothermal is. This includes production and injection wells, surface equipment. Some other examples of direct use applications with associated temperature requirements. Cheaper form of energy.

How geothermal might be used on the surface in several applications including growing/drying crops, tourism and bathing. A focus on the positive and beneficial aspects of geothermal energy in the Caribbean. Avoid using imagery of geothermal plants and equipment as this would contradict the ‘clean’ image that is meant to be portrayed. It would also look out of place against the lush greenery and picturesque environment of the Caribbean islands.

Concept Generation
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Final Design
Design Elements

The cut-away helps to visualise the idea of geothermal heat and the energy potential that lies beneath as well as indicating greater temperatures and greater depths beneath the earths surface.

Visual temperature ranges demonstrate the concept of higher temperatures at different depths. Temperature ranges correlate to the various Direct-Use applications and the sampled colour palette has been integrated into differentiating them.

The isometric illustrations add dimension and recognition to the Direct-Use applications as well as aligning with the central cut-away structure demonstrating geothermal energy beneath the earth. Aligning geothermal pro’s against local imagery helps establish a connection with the target audience.

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