April 2009

Health & Safety Brochures

Brochure Design
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Melissa Climo

Wairakei Research Centre

Wairakei, New Zealand
brand strategy

The pursuit of solving problems with science and understanding how the earth functions can be a very enriching and informative occupation. It can also be a very dangerous one. With so many hazards facing scientists in their respective fields, basic safety guidelines and emergency procedures needed to be quickly and easily made available. It was decided that a Quick Reference Guide would be the best solution.


Keeping things very simple, easy to absorb and uncluttered was the overall direction desired. As these were going to be tri-fold brochures that would be placed throughout the organisation in various areas and departments, they also had to be aesthetically pleasing and specific yet unified.

When provided with the content for all the brochures, certain patterns and commonalities were recognised which enabled a design system to be developed for consistency with colours and icons incorporated for specificity.

An effective use of colour aided identification of a particular scientific area as well as add an attractive element to enable quick recognition when the brochures were on display throughout the organisation. When it comes to health and safety, a Quick Reference Guide needs to be quickly referenced in more ways than one.

All typography was aligned with the GNS Science brand guidelines which is founded on Helvetica Neue.

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