April 2009

Mobile Felt

Art Direction
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Kevin Fenaughty


Avalon, New Zealand
brand strategy

The new Mobile Felt function in the GeoNet Earthquake detection app allows users to describe their ‘shake’ experience by selecting an option that best fits what happened to them. To achieve this, the app needed a simple method to assist users in recognising the level of shake they felt so accurate data could be collected.


Creating a visual reference to identify various levels of earthquake magnitude while being user friendly presented a few challenges. Earthquakes in themselves are the total opposite of friendly so photographic references were not possible. A 2D illustration seemed to be the best way to help visualise the various scenarios. A colourful and simple illustration can be easy to look at while also being very informative.

In order to assist with the various magnitudes, certain objects were included into the scene to help convey and visualise movement at different intensity points. The addition of an animal further assisted demonstration and identification of shake levels.

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