February 2021

Out There Learning

Brand Identity
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Julian Thomson

Out There Learning

Wellington, New Zealand
brand strategy

Julians passion for nature and the earth systems was heavily influenced by his father (also a teacher) and the educational ethos of the Rudolph Steiner School that he attended. A Steiner education fosters the human spirit in children and young adults, allowing them to flourish in a holistic learning environment that is oriented towards moral growth, social consciousness and citizenship.

Brand Definition

Out There Learning is the only educational initiative in New Zealand that holistically connects earth scientists, educators and the public together so that geological science can be understood and communicated in an era of disconnection from nature.


Out There Learning is essentially an Education and Science Communication Consultancy that strives to:

  • Educate and communicate geoscience to schools and the public
  • Offer online courses and training resources
  • Directly interact with schools as a geoscience teacher
  • Train teachers seeking to transition to a Steiner/Waldorf School
  • Create digital portals of publicly available geo-education content
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Design Brief

Out There Learning wants to be positioned as a specialist in science communication and educational earth science advice and ideas. Out There Learning seeks to be the public face for getting people excited about earth science and nature through various information portals:

  • YouTube
  • Online Courses
  • Teacher Training & Mentoring

Blue is highly favoured for its ease of appearance and calming quality. Red, white and some natural tones of green are also preferred. Colours that have a connection to the earth as viewed from space seem to be where the visual focus or feeling desires to be. Vibrant colours such as orange, lilac, turquoise, magenta etc. are not favoured


The identity should express Julians educational insights and his passion for people and nature.


If there was a focus/priority on the business name of Out There Learning, the order of focus would be:
Primary: OUT THERE
Secondary: LEARNING

If the weighting/focus of importance could be visualised with fonts it would look like this: OUT THERE LEARNING

Concept Generation
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Final Design

The primary badge logomark has a balanced symmetry about it that allows it to easily fit into circular and square spaces. This makes it ideal for positioning into most areas.

Red Clay

The colour used in the primary version is a direct connection to red clay. Red clay soils, called ultisols, make up about 8.1 percent of the ice-free land around the globe.

Isidora Sans

The Display Typeface of Isidora Sans that is used in the Primary logomark can be used to create feature listings, category headings, series divisions, chapters etc. that consist of a minimum of two words and a maximum of four.

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Project Gallery

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