June 2016

Statement of Corporate Intent

Corporate Documentation
Brochure Design
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Neal Wai Poi

GNS Science

Avalon, New Zealand
brand strategy

The Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI) contains information such as the strategic goals and initiatives and key non-financial performance indicators for the next five years, and summary of the financial performance targets. Once the SCI has been approved by the Minister of Science and Innovation, it is released publicly.

Prior to this project, the SCI  had been supplied to the Minister as a simple Word document. It was realised that such a valuable piece of information needed a more suitable delivery system.


With so much text provided, I decided to take advantage of the vast array of photography available to me in the Visual Image Library at GNS Science. Geologists are constantly out in the field and as a result, have access to some of New Zealands extremely beautiful but very remote landforms and scenery.

As this was an internal document and not specifically a GNS Science publication, I was offered design licence with regards to typography and colour palette choice.

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