October 2018

The Cycle Coach

Brand Identity
Brochure Design
Poster Design
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James Hey

The Cycle Coach

London, England
brand strategy

A qualified British Cycling Coach and international triathlete who represented Great Britain at the Gran Fondo World Championships in 2018, James has had a passion for cycling for many years.

So what is the next stage in the personal development pathway of such a passionate cyclist?  The Cycle Coach is a new business that has realised an opportunity exists to develop children’s cycling techniques through clear structured pathways.


The target market/clients are children in the 7-11yr and 11-16yr age brackets. These will effectively be targeted in local schools so as to take advantage of outdoor areas that can be utilised for the the coaching.


The brand would like to invoke the feelings of Fitness, Sport, Professionalism, Excitement and a different experience for children.

The company is described as:

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There is a preference to co-ordinate the colours to match James current riding colour preference and racing kit. These being black, red, grey and white. It would be favourable to utilise these colours but in a way that connects through to the feeling of being energetic, sharp and fresh.

There is a strong feeling against anything too vibrant or bright such as yellows and greens.


Bold and simple.

Favoured fonts/inspiration can be drawn from:
Athlete Lab  http://athlete-lab.co.uk
Sigma Sports  https://www.sigmasports.com
Precision Coaching https://precision-coaching.co.uk
The Body Coach https://www.thebodycoach.com


Black Sheep uk.blacksheepcycling.cc
Assos www.assos.com
S-Works specializedconceptstore.co.uk/s-works/
Scott www.scott-sports.com/gb/en/sports/bike


A very clean and simple look with strong, sans serif typography seems to be the general direction.  If a logo-symbol is to be incorporated it needs to be a very simple shape that could easily be used as an insignia on a t-shirt, polo shirt or cycling jersey. Easily recognisable logo-type that could stand on it’s own would be very suitable.

Making the red work with the black and white will allow for the energetic vibrancy desired as well as strongly connecting to James current personal cycling colours and preference. The inclusion of blue would be a consideration to connect to the idea of British and in turn, British Cycling. If this was the case then red, white and blue would be another colour scheme to experiment with. This would also reinforce James’ British Cycling qualifications but would likely disconnect from his favoured personal colour branding.

As Sigma Sports is James' local bike shop, it is advisable that the logo-mark is not too similar to theirs. However, their simplistic bold style is highly valued and admired.

Concept Generation
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Final Design
The Logo Symbol

The first letters of Cycle Coach have been used to create a bicycles crank sprocket. The outer sprocket teeth immediately connect it to a cycle and also add some dynamic energy.

A circular inspired, red logo symbol creates a sense of enthusiasm and energy.

The Logo Type

The logo-type is set in Isadora Sans Bold and Isadora Sans Regular. ‘COACH’ being set in Isadora Sans Regular connects with the idea that with proper guidance, you will be able to ‘fine-tune’ your cycling skills.

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