June 2020

The Print Factory

Brand Identity
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Mark Brooks, Chris Gardiner

The Print Factory

Melbourne, Australia
brand strategy
Brand Definition

As a person, The Print Factory would be an experienced, refined and well traveled man who enjoys quiet comfort and values quality.

Target Demographic

TPF aims to be client facing direct to marketing and VM departments of Tier one FMCG, Retail, Government, Automotive and similar industries. TPF will avoid the trade market however may work with agencies to help execute from a production perspective, it will brand and position itself as such.


The qualities that TPF are defined by include: DEPENDABLE, AUTHENTIC, PROGRESSIVE, INTEGRITY, EFFECTIVE.

If there was to be just one word to represent the brand, then that word would be:

TPF would like to be seen as an agency that has evolved and survived the times. A trusted partner amongst Tier one clients. TPF would like a loyal customer base that continues to use the  services in conjunction with the printing presses that are part of the foundation.

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Design Considerations

The colours will need to reflect a sense of being BOLD but will also need to remain simple. For this reason, high contrast colours will be favoured. (Vibrant colour paired with very dark colours/black). Blacks, greys and Oranges have been listed as favourable options.

Muted colours, although currently trendy, will not suit the personality.  It has also been advised to stay clear of greens.

It is also advisable to visually pivot away from the ANCYN brand which means avoiding the use of the standard CMYK combination of colours.


If there was a focus/priority on the business name of The Print Factory then the order of focus would be:

Primary: FACTORY
Secondary: PRINT
Tertiary: THE

Additional Considerations

Although ANCYN will be a separate entity, it is the foundation and production component of The Print Factory and therefore, a reflection of what The Print Factory aspires to be. Over the last 40 years Ancyn has survived many changes in the printing industry. One things has remained, their reputation for quality. Ancyn has embraced digital printing with all its glory while maintaining its screen printing roots. It is a small, family owned and operated business that has a number of employees that have been there for 10+ years.

Concept Generation
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Final Design

The symbol is connected to the overall shape of the building that will house the production equipment for The Print Factory.

The four bands represent the expertise and processes offered by the founding members (Sales, Marketing, Design & Print).

The symbol can also be viewed as layered sheets of paper which represents a strong tie to the print industry.

The four bands are also an abstract connection to the foundation colours of the printing industry: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black

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