August 2020

Unity Health & Performance

Brand Identity
Art Direction
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Phuoc Nguyen, Daniel Pitisano

Unity Health & Performance

Melbourne, Australia
brand strategy

With over 15 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, Phouc and Daniel realised that there was something missing that could not be delivered while they remained employed by another fitness entity. With a strong desire to take control of their own destiny and provide their clients with unrestricted access to their knowledge and dedication, Unity Health & Performance was born.


Unity Health & Performance will offer prestige strength and conditioning training that will go beyond just the improvement of physical strength, they will strengthen and condition their clients belief in themselves and what they are capable of achieving. As the name suggests, they will ‘unite’ health, performance and the community.

Brand Definition

Unity Health & Performance is the only group strength and conditioning facility that focusses on their members achieving greatness by uniting, encouraging and supporting any individual in Melbourne, Australia in seeking to be better then they ever thought possible and thus unite the community right now.


Unity Health & Performance want to be known as the place to go to achieve greatness both internally and externally, where you can hope to strengthen the soul as well as the body.  

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Visual Direction

Dark colours are preferred (black, charcoal, greys) because of their ability to match mostly anything and to be able to blend into the background. In this way, dark colours also align with Unity’s ideology of connecting with people who are not joining a gym to show off but are there to develop their self esteem and confidence. For this reason, bright colours are best avoided.

If any colours are used to contrast or compliment the foundation dark colours then they will be white or natural wood colours.


In alignment with the general feel of the brand, a neat and tidy look that doesn’t appear as if it is showing off.


If there was a focus/priority on the business name of Unity Health & Performance, the order of focus would be:

Primary: UNITY

If the weighting/focus of importance could be visualised with fonts it would look like this:


‘Health & Performance’ is ideally positioned as a bi-line.

Concept Generation
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Final Design
The Logomark

The foundation of the symbol is the letter U, the first letter of the company name.

The reflected shapes also visually represent what Unity Health & Performance aim to practice with their clients, (health & performance, strength & conditioning, guidance & knowledge) the values they represent and the obstacles they will help their clients overcome (low self esteem >> confidence, weak form >> strong technique)

The symbol also resembles the form of a Spartan helmet. The fundamentals of Spartan society have strong parallels with the practical goals of Unity Health & Performance. Spartan society maximised military proficiency at all costs, focusing all social institutions on military training and physical development.

Encompassing all elements into a circular boundary in combination with the typographic elements also has a direct correlation to barbell weight plates. These are common pieces of equipment in strength and conditioning environments.

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