September 2022

Todd Stackpole Osteopathy

Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
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Todd Stackpole

Melbourne, Australia
brand strategy

Osteopaths are trained to identify the link between the structures in your body and how they should function. In this way, pain resolution can be solved at the root cause.

After working as an employee in a Brighton Osteopathic Clinic, Todd Stackpole has been given the opportunity to operate as an independent osteopath within a shared allied health co-working space and needs to be identified by both his current clientele and prospective new clients

Brand Definition

The brand will present a sense of security and trust in what Todd is able to provide. In addition to making direct physical contact with clients, Todd will also make himself available to be confided in with both health and personal problems that might be experienced by the clients that seek his therapy. In this way, Todd will become more than a a physical therapist but also an emotional, social and psychological confidant.


Todd Stackpole foresees his osteopathic knowledge and skill becoming well integrated into the North Brighton community. Todd does not just want to be a service provider in the area but would also like to fully integrate into the Martin Street community as a friendly local.

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Design Brief

The brand will represent Todds’ openness and ability to communicate and welcome a stranger.

The personal information that needs to be shared will require a high level of trust from new clientele and so the brand needs to evoke a voice of confidentiality and assurance that Todd will welcome and openly listen to their personal stories, motivations, traumas, and relationships.


Favoured colours include earthy tones, greens, and orange. These colours are favoured for the feelings they evoke as well as Todds’ preferred working uniform style.

Visual Reference

A connection to the natural New Zealand and Maori symbolism is a strong consideration. Maori symbolism will be more prominent if a Maori name is used as the brand name. A homegrown feel and connection to elements that are symbolic of the projects focus (leaves, earth, trees etc). Silver fern and kiwi icons.

Concept Generation
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Final Design
The Logomark

Dependability. Trust. Effective. Authentic. Fun.

The symbol signifies these brand values.

The symbol aims to visually demonstrate at a glance how Todd Stackpole Osteopathy can provide beneficial treatment to improve the quality of your physical health and in turn, your life.


The circle represents the ‘O’ in Osteopathy. Circles represent wholeness, a natural sense of completion which is what osteopathy is hoped to add to the quality of your active life.

A circles continuous shape also invokes the idea of movement which is ideally what the majority of clients wish to achieve to continue a healthy lifestyle.

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