October 2021

World Geothermal Congress 2021

Trade Show Graphics
Art Direction
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Paul Siratovich & Marit Brommer


Reykjavik, Iceland
brand strategy

After a tumultuous year that was heavily affected by the Global Pandemic of COVID-19, the World Geothermal Congress that was due to take place in Reykjavik, Iceland in May 2020, got cancelled and postponed indefinitely.

After lots of deliberation and planning around global shutdowns, WGC2020 became WGC2020+1, an online and on-site event that would be conducted at the Harpa Events Centre in Reykjavik on 24-27 October 2021.

At the very last minute, The New Zealand Geothermal Association (NZGA) in collaboration with the International Geothermal Association (IGA) decided New Zealand would be represented at WGC2020+1 in Reykjavik.


After a Friday morning Zoom discussion with senior members of the IGA Executive Team and Directors of the NZGA, it was discovered that background printing onto 3m x 2.5m light-box panels was available for free. Given the area allocation to the New Zealand contingent, it was agreed that two of these panels would be the foundation for the background design.

In order for the print production team in Iceland to have the panels ready for installation at the start of the conference, the design files needed to be supplied by lunch time the next day in Iceland. Given the time difference, this meant The Why Republic had till the end of the day to provide the fully approved, hi-resolution print ready files.

Design Brief

The Zoom discussion revealed that Living Geothermal | Experiencing Geothermal would be the main theme for the New Zealand joint booth space at the Harpa Convention Centre in Iceland.

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Concept Generation
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Final Design
Design Methodology

Imagery featuring the stunning bright colours offered by the Champagne Pools of the Waiotapu geothermal area are not only a beautiful representation of New Zealand's geothermal resources but they also take advantage of the luminous quality offered by the light-box panels used for displaying conference visuals.


Corporate sponsors needed to be represented even though they were not able to physically make the trip to Iceland. To establish an equal balance between all sponsors without taking too much attention away from the scenic photography, all logomarks were reproduced in one colour and re-sized to be visually equal.

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Project Gallery

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