May 2023


Brand Identity
Keynote Presentation
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Alison McDonald


Kapiti Coast, New Zealand
brand strategy

Lemonwoods will be a small settlement in Te Horo on the Kapiti Coast for older people seeking to live independently and productively in a beautiful rural environment, including animals, fruit and vegetable growing and glorious gardens.

The Brand Identity will assist in the undertaking of seeking investors and funding and once this has been achieved, it will help establish the Lemonwoods project as a feasible concept that has widespread and future growth potential.

Brand Definition

Lemonwoods is welcoming, community centred, rural themed and encouraging independence fit-for-purpose design to enable a home for life.


Lemonwoods is the vision of Alison McDonald, who wishes to share her desire to keep living in a supportive rural environment and to offer others a different way of living than is currently offered by conventional retirement facilities.

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Design Brief

For the investors: Independence, fun, productivity, sustainable, caring, socially responsible and useful.

For the future residents: Comfortable, safe, friendly, mature, wise and caring for animals and the environment.


Pairs of colours with white included. Colours to consider are peach and powder blue, lemon and limey green.

The Lemon and Limey Green are most favourable. The houses will probably be clad in a more emerald green colour steel and lemon painted wood.

Avoid strong colours such as solid red, blue, and orange. Stay clear of dark colours.

Visual Alignment

In addition to the the lemonwood trees and leaves, a connection to garden’s, (Monet’s garden) and also rural animals - (ponies, sheep, chickens) as well as small dogs and cats.

Concept Generation
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Final Design
Lemonwood Leaf

The symbol is a direct representation of the Lemonwood leaf found on the pittosporum eugenioides (New Zealand Lemonwood species)

Kapiti Island

The symbol shape connects to the appearance of Kapiti Island and its position on the waters of Cook strait.

Different Side

The opposing sides are visually different and connect to the idea of a ‘different way of living’


The cross hatching is also representative of the two well stocked orchard areas and a productive vegetable growing area that will be provided.


The morphology of the Gazpacho typeface  letterforms makes this typeface ideal for display purposes and Its high contrast and very simple and recognisable shapes makes it highly readable. Commuters Sans is a sans-serif typeface that features geometric letterforms with wide proportions and thus creates  complimenting contrast to Gazpacho.

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